Obviously every book I write is special to me.  There’s a character, a storyline, a location that calls to me.  Love By Accident is no different, though it is much, much more personal.  Unfortunately I know what it’s like to say, or think, hurtful things and never be given a chance to say you’re sorry. 


Lauren McKinnon’s life changed four years ago when the car she was driving spun off the road and killed her lover, Gil and left their best friend, Matt paralyzed.  Overwhelmed by guilt, Lauren leaves town, leaves Matt and lives a life as a shadow of the woman she used to be.


Matt Skarpinksy overcame all odds and learned to walk again.  Now, after tracking Lauren down, he moves to Jasper to confront the woman he’s always loved.  Why did she leave him when he most needed her?  What isn’t she telling him about the accident he doesn’t remember?  And, just as their friendship turns to love, will Gil always stand between them?


Well, Matt’s about to find out as Gil, in the form of a ghost, guides Matt toward what really happened four years ago.  But will the truth set Matt and Lauren free, or tear them apart once and for all?


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I cannot even tell you how pleased I am to see this cover after 16 years!  Another Chance is the first novel I ever wrote and encompasses my greatest love, westerns!  There is just something in that time that I love.  The chivalry, the sheer guts and determination it took just to get by day by day.  And so, after many, many rewrites I am excited to bring you Another Chance.


Being a veterinarian in the late 1800’s is difficult enough, but for Jillian Matthews it’s impossible.  Not allowed in the vet schools, she trained at her father’s side until she had the skills needed to move west.  Jillian accepts an advertisement for a position in Montana, using only her initials which happen to be same as her father’s.  Convinced that in the untamed west, her skills will be valued and appreciated, regardless of her gender, she’s quickly proved wrong.


Wade Parker is sure the pretty redhead claiming to be the vet he sent for is one of his ranch hands’ practical jokes but the fiery woman very quickly puts him in his place and proves him wrong.  His impression, however, turns south when the animal she operated on later dies.  With a ranch on the verge of bankruptcy, losing an animal was the last thing he could afford and he can’t help thinking the old vet, the male doctor, wouldn’t have let his animal die.


With Wade’s initial reaction guiding them, the town is quick to want Jillian out.   But the more Wade gets to know Jillian, the more he sees her grit and compassion, the harder he falls for her.  When Wade realizes he was too hasty in his judgment and urges the town to give Jillian another chance, he makes more than few enemies.  Enemies that would do almost anything to get her out, and to make sure Wade doesn’t take her side again.


Soon threats turn to violence and both Wade and Jillian must make a stand.  The problem is, at what cost?


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Michelle Beattie

 Strong Women, Proud Men, and the Adventure That Brings Them Together


Reviews for Love By Accident


"I loved reading Love By Accident and couldn't wait to find out  how it turned out!  This book has everything-romance, intrigue, great characters and a beautiful setting.  The writing is so well done that you feel like you are there with the characters.  It was also refreshing to have a book by a Canadian author set in a Canadian location.  Great work, Michelle!  I can't wait to read your next book."  Carolyn Marshall, 5 stars.


"The characters are warm and the true-to-life story touching.  You can feel the emotions jumping off the screen.  As the book unfolds your heart breaks fir them all while cheering them in for a happy ending.  A must read and I can't wait for more Michelle Beattie books."  Jodi Trovao, 5 stars.


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Reviews for Another Chance


"An emotionally fulfilling love story, a scary villain, a reluctant hero...this book has everything a person could want in a romance and then it throws in a bit more.  Well written, fast paced and authentic characters who behave like they should.  If you like romance set in the American Old West, I can't recommend this one enough—it's a guaranteed good read."  5 stars, Louise Behiel


"Known for her pirate series, author Michelle Beattie proves she's equally at home among the cowboys and frontiersmen of the old west in her new novel, Another Chance. Beattie sure knows her way around a love scene and there's lots of romance here.  The author pulls you into the world of her characters, deftly weaving in the historical feel, with heaps of sexual tension.  If you like cowboys, and enjoy a good romance, you'll love "Another Chance."  5 stars, Roxy Boroughs, playwright and author of A Stranger's Kiss.