While I wait for responses from publishers on Her Pirate to Love, I have begun the 5th and final book to the series, The Pirate’s Prize.  This story will literally begin where book 4 leaves off and it’s fun to have Aidan as the hero as we’ve watched him grow from the first book. 

And of course, Carracks the parrot returns for the 4th and final instalment as well.

I’ve self-published 3 of my own, as well as my 3 through a publisher.  I have to say, I prefer having a team behind me.  There is more freedom in doing it by yourself, but I benefitted so much from my publisher.  They helped me get into places like Publisher’s Weekly, helped me sell in multiple languages.  I learned so much from them and benefitted from great editing and spectacular covers. 

And so,  this is the route I’m aiming for again with this 4th novel.  To have the expertise behind me to make my novels the best they can be.  It’s why, combined with the time it takes me to write, it seems to take so long before you see another of my books.

Her Pirate to Love, the 4th pirate book of my series, has been out on submission to publishers for two months now.  These days writers have more choices than they ever have.  It used to be that there were a handful of big publishers in New York and if you couldn’t sell to them, then your manuscript sat never to be seen by anyone. 

These days there are more publishers, you can publish in print, electronically or both.