Well, Christmas has come and gone, the tree and decorations are back in their boxes and the house feels both bigger and a little less cozy.  It’s always with mixed feelings I put away the decorations as Christmas is my favorite time of year, but it’s also good to get back to routine. 

Santa brought an unwelcome present this year in the form of a nasty cold and cough.  I still haven’t managed to shake the stupid cough and the cold is digging in its heels, reluctant to leave.  With the technology we have, it still amazes me that the cure for the common cold remains a mystery. 

At any rate, the writing is going.  Yes, always slower than I’d like, than I’d planned.  However I do like how Aidan’s story is progressing.  It’s interesting since I first wrote him as a young boy in What A Pirate Desires and now he’s the hero of his own story.  I sort of feel as though he’s my “son” so it’s both with pride and a touch of sadness that I see him grow into the man he is.  Silly, perhaps, but in his own way he’s real to me.

I always feel as though there is little to report but I’ve included some photos of a recent trip to Eastern Canada for you to enjoy and, as always, you can chat with me and catch up on my FACEBOOK page.

TOP LEFT: at the Reversing Rapids in Saint John, New Brunswick.  Yes, they reverse.  When the tide is out the river is higher than the bay so the rapids go one way.  When the tide is in, the bay is higher than the river and they reverse.  Very cool.

TOP RIGHT: in front of the Celtic Lodge on beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.